Time to get planting

It’s that time of year again. We’ll be planting at Onoke Spit on Friday May 16 starting at 10 am.
Everyone is welcome to come and assist our local Kahutara School friends with this years planting.
This will be our fourth year of planting on the Spit and so far we’ve been pretty pleased with the survival rates of the plants given that this is such a challenging site. Conditions are favourable again as we have had enough rain and hopefully the plants will get established over the winter and be ready to grow when spring arrives.
Without frosts to worry about on Onoke Spit plants need just moisture and not too much wind to get established. Summer, when its hot and dry, is the most challenging time.
In fact even here at Te Rakau we have always found late autumn the best time to plant out as generally there is less wind in the winter and rain can be almost guaranteed. I have a number of small native plants in pots ready to be planted around our property to supply more food for our birds.