We try to be vigilant here at Te Rakau to control all pests both plant and animal.
I have a rat trap permanently set quite close to the house and I regularly catch rats – on average about 3 per week.
However last Sunday’s catch was one to remember. It was the biggest male rat I have ever seen. He weighed in at 188gms! He immediately became named “Big Daddy” and I’m really pleased he won’t be fathering any more babies in the future. Of course this is the best time of year to be catching rats and mice as the bird nesting season is over and the pests are hungry. We find peanut butter the best bait for our traps. Of course we know it will be impossible to completely eradicate these bird pests from our property, but at least we can keep them controlled and our eels are getting well fed with the carcases!
I urge everyone to do their bit and try to control pests in their gardens. I’m not able to offer any rewards like other famous environmentalists, but the rewards will be yours with more birds to enjoy in your own backyards.
So get down to your local hardware store and get trapping.