Recent Bird Activity

Recent Bird Sightings Around Te Rakau

Black-Fronted-DotterelWe have sighted a pair of Black Fronted Dotterels on the southern end of the Pounui Lagoons over the last month and although they had their first attempt at nesting thwarted in that they laid a nest in the middle of the very busy Paul’s Bank track they have hopefully found a better sight to nest. They were also chased by a weasel one evening while we were observing them but an appropriately placed trap soon alleviated that problem!

Another amusing incident recently involved the overnight rest and recuperation of a Shining Bronze-cuckoo. Suffice to say we found the bird at home in a dazed state and thinking it was a juvenile bird that had had a clash with window a the house put it in a container overnight only to be welcomed in the morning with a very much alive bird and a small egg as well! Upon release it was very happy to scramble up into the tree tops to be heard later in the day whistling its tune of thanks.