Caspian Terns leave Onoke Spit

Sadly the Caspian Terns have given up on breeding for this summer and left the Spit.
I believe that the main reason that breeding has not been successful this year is because of the windy and changeable weather we have had this summer. These conditions would make it very difficult for the parent birds to get out and fish for their chicks and mates. Also the strong winds can blow loose sand around and bury the eggs. Last weekend we had a massive southerly swell and the waves were breaking right up into the middle of the Spit – not the best for any nesting birds in exposed sites.
One consolation is that Caspian Terns are long-lived birds and so successful breeding each year is not quite so necessary.
Dougal and I are of course very disappointed, but will continue our vigilant pest control and look forward positively to next breeding season.